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Monday, October 26, 2020

Question Indian Government and Army for enemies losses but not to Indians losses

  • Thursday, June 18, 2020

A handful of factions in India have always been questioning the Indian Army and the government’s military retaliation against Pakistan and China. Not only do they deny the information released by the Indian military and government at the level of dead soldiers, terrorists, and casualties of the enemy, but they also support the ideology of the enemy country. On the other hand, they do not question Indian casualties released from the Indian military and government.

If they really want to oppose the Indian government or the army, they should also deny information about India’s losses, but that doesn’t happen. Therefore, sealing information on Indian casualties and denying information on enemy casualties reflects their treacherous thinking. They do not want to cause any damage to the enemy.

It is important to understand that the Indian government and the army, which are presenting their military casualties without hesitation, how can they give fabricated information about the enemy's losses? On the other hand, don’t the governments of Pakistan and China injustice their soldiers by hiding their deaths and causalities? We as Indians should be proud that the Government of India is clearly bringing the losses of its troops to the forefront. They don’t injustice to martyred soldiers by hiding their loss.