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Monday, October 26, 2020

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty - Supporter of Communists

  • Thursday, June 18, 2020

Under the guise of democracy, the Indian National Congress has always been a supporter of communist ideology. The Congress began with Nehru has been showing its extreme affection for the two communist countries of Asia and their leaders, such as Russia and China. It has always been a boomerang for India to project communist China as the leader of Asia while it was considered insignificant in the world court. India's domestic and foreign policy under the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been managed and devastated by the Russian intelligence agency. This tradition, which began with Nehru, is regularly showing its terrible form.

It is a sign of the dictatorial rule of communist ideology to impose an emergency on the country by Indira Gandhi from 1975-77, to ignore India's ancient history and strength, and to build the core Indian education system on the basis of a particular ideology.

During the 1962 war and even after that, China gradually captured many parts of India; the fact that the head of the Congress regime neither bring it to the attention of the Indians nor resist it which clearly demonstrates their ideology.

The Nehru-Gandhi family's immense affection for the Russian and Chinese communist parties, and the close ties between them above nationalism are a matter of concern for the Republic of  India.

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's ideological MoU agreement with the Chinese ruling party in Beijing(in 2008) should not be overlooked.

Here is the MoU-